Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Flap for my Mom's "As you like it" purse

Here is a new flap I made for the "as you like it" purse that I had made for mother. The pattern for the "as you like it" purse can be found at Creative Thimble. You can use your own creativity for the flaps. This flap is quilted and is also reversible. For this flap, I made a zoomed copy of the backing material and turned one of the roses into an applique. I cut the rose apart and used different fabrics for different parts of the rose. I copied the top fabric and used one zoomed panel as a template for a window on the front of the flap. I used fancy stitches around the edge of the window. Using my felting machine, I made my own felt for some of the petals of the rose - red/pink, red, and pink, and the green stem and small leaves. For the other petals I used various fabrics, including the backing fabric. I satin stitched around the rose parts and around the large leaves. I stipple quilted the flap.

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