Monday, April 27, 2009

"Twigs" the Garden Angel Kitty

This pattern is in the latest "Create & Decorate" magazine. She was so much fun to make! The pattern instructions said to use black buttons for the eyes, but I like the two different colored eyes better.


Star said...

I really like your cat and the dolls are gorgeous. Please keep making them.
Blessings, Star

Aleta said...

Thank you, Star, for stopping by, and thanks for your kind comments!

phylliso said...

I just love this kitty!,& your pocketbooks are so nice.I am going to try & make the cat,you inspired me,phylliso

Aleta said...

Hi, Phyllis -
I'm glad that the cat is inspirational for you! One thing about the pattern -- maybe I'm just dumb I didn't realize that the "white chenille stem" the pattern calls for are pipe cleaners! I don't see why you need white since you are to cover them anyway with floral tape. Just thought I'd pass that along in case you make it.